What do we do?

We’re a Mission Driven Company

Our mission is to make workflow automation possible for every digital health company on this planet. We strive to empower the health economy workforce by making their work as frictionless and productive as possible so that patients can be healed faster than ever before.

It’s no secret the world is changing faster than any one of us can handle. With the introduction of technologies like ChatGPT it is clear that reality is going to outpace our individual ability to comprehend it. While asymmetric opportunities of our lifetimes are in front of us, the few that dare to truly care, commit, and collaborate will see outsized benefits. While we can all agree technology has shaped all our lives, little has changed in health tech.
Whether you take a twitter stroll or find yourself among peers, mimetic behavior and echo chambers are fast shutting the lane of independent thought and practice. But you know what they say, “the only constant is change”. Digital health is here and the digital decade is now. It’s our job to shape it in a way that benefits not only patients but also the healthcare providers and the entire healthcare system.

In Comes Next 99

Suit up and get ready to solve the grand health tech challenges together.

Some of us are doctors, others are designers, developers, product owners, and strategists but all of us are patients and our shared empathy and desire to alleviate human suffering inspires our life’s work.
While solving for human suffering pushes us, solving for human performance pulls us forward. Among the next big medical advancements already underway is making healthcare more accessible, actionable and compelling to humankind through software and digital health.
Standards we practice
Our proficiency in using tools and frameworks specific to healthcare enables us to ensure the security, compliance, and proper structure of your software and protected health information. Compliance is not just about identifying the best service provider to sign a Business Associate Agreement with, but it’s embedded in how we design products, architect systems and maintain software over time.

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